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Trampoline featured in Growth Business article on the VC crisis

Nick Britton at Growth Business has written a thoughtful article analysing the current malaise in the venture capital industry. He quotes research that aggregate VC investment in the UK has shrunk by 63% since 2006 (from £2 billion to £750). That’s a much grimmer picture than the 30% global decline reported by Deloitte. In the [...]

Crowdfunding one month update

It’s now one month since we announced Trampoline’s crowdfunding project. As Techcrunch reported we rapidly received commitments for a third of a million pounds. We’re now close to initial completion at half a million pounds with a solid pipeline of investors moving towards the second stage. At this point certain patterns are evident which may [...]




Crowdfunding is an alternative approach to raising finance. It’s been developed over the last decade, principally in the film and music industries. Unlike traditional models which rely on large contributions one or two institutions crowdfunding is based on raising small sums from many number of people, who are typically linked by social networks or shared interests.

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Trampoline Systems

Trampoline Systems is an award-winning software business based in London (UK). The company is attracting attention from around the world for its SONAR social analytic technology and its vision of how corporations must evolve.