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Financial Times feature on Trampoline’s Crowdfunding

Today the FT wrote an excellent two-column feature discussing Trampoline’s decision to raise finance through crowdfunding. The article quotes the experience of Sellaband using crowdfunding in the music industry and the vital role played by personal networks. The paper even included the photo Al took yesterday in front of the Bishopsgate tower. The article text [...]

Crowdfunding Trampoline

Today we’ve announced that Trampoline is financing the next stage of its growth through an innovative process called crowdfunding instead of traditional venture capital. We’re raising £1 million from up to 100 private investors with a minimum stake of £10,000. In the last few years crowdfunding has established itself as an alternative model in the [...]

Ready to roll

We’ve finished the final set of revisions to our crowdfunding process following the last comments from shareholders and legal advisors. At this point it looks like we’re ready to kick off the whole adventure tomorrow. One of the world’s top business newspapers has told us they’re running a feature on Trampoline’s crowdfunding process in tomorrow’s [...]

The journey starts here

It’s half past six on a Friday evening, the rain’s pelting down outside the Trampery and is playing me Italian music from the 1930s. Two hours ago we went live with this website, explaining how crowdfunding works and why Trampoline’s chosen this route instead of raising money from venture capital firms. This is just [...]




Crowdfunding is an alternative approach to raising finance. It’s been developed over the last decade, principally in the film and music industries. Unlike traditional models which rely on large contributions one or two institutions crowdfunding is based on raising small sums from many number of people, who are typically linked by social networks or shared interests.

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Trampoline Systems

Trampoline Systems is an award-winning software business based in London (UK). The company is attracting attention from around the world for its SONAR social analytic technology and its vision of how corporations must evolve.